Nathan Griffin Photographs

about me

Westin on the San Antonio Riverwalk

I started photography as a hobby around 2000 when I bought an old Nikon FE2 on Ebay. I have always had an interest in taking pictures using my dad's old Pentax camera, but I decided to get into it when I was laid off work and needed an outlet.

My profession is in mechanical engineering. A technical background helps me understand concepts for taking pictures, like exposure, shutter speed, etc. I'm also a quick learner for the software used to process digital images.

The main reason I like to take pictures is to stretch myself in areas that I am weak in. Technical aspects of working the camera are easy. Learning about composition, color, and what makes a picture artistic is very difficult for me and something that I enjoy getting better at.

We live in Central Texas near Austin. I think it is a teriffic area for photography. There are wonderful state parks and urban parks to enjoy and photograph as well as interesting urban attractions.

To learn about the gear that I use, visit my Technical page.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me at: