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enchanted rock state park

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted rock is one of the best state parks I have been to in Texas. The terrain makes it truly unique and is an oasis of elevation gain for a state that is known as being flat. The large scale drop-offs and sheer granite walls make this site a great destination for rock climbers and hiking enthusiast.

Enchanted rock is located 19 miles north of Fredericksburg Texas - from Fredericksburg, turn right off of main street (highway 290) to Highway 965. The park entrance is clearly marked on the left hand side of the road.

The park is very busy on the weekends, especially in the spring and summer when the weather is nice. Parking is limited so it is best to arrive well before 10 am to get into the park.


Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

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Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Enchanted Rock at Sunset

The park allows entry for the day as well as overnight camping. Camping is divided into two sections. Walk-in campsites have a minimal hike (25 to 100 yards) from the parking areas. These sites offer easy access to the central public restrooms. Many water spouts are located near the walk-in camp sites. Some sites offer a covered picnic table and all have a fire pit. Pets on a leash are allowed in the park.

Enchanted Rock State Park also offers primitive, hike-in camping areas. These are all located north of the hills (with the walk-in sites all located on the south side). These primitive sites are a solid 3-4 mile hike; you will want to travel light!

Granite at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Springtime in Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Cactus Bloom - Enchanted Rock

It is amazing to see nature find a way to grow in this harsh environment. Trees, shrubs, grass, and cactus sprout up from any crevice in the pink granite.

Enchanted rock is a granite exfoliation dome, where a long process of erosion reveals stone beneath. In this case, a very large mass of stone.

Make sure to take plenty of water on your trip around the "Rock". Water is available around the main camping sites and visitor center on the south, but none is available north of this area. Don't forget water for your dog if they come along.

The Texas Park and Wildlife Enchanted Rock page is informative and a good place to start to set up camping reservations.



Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
Enchanted Rock State Natural Area
granite exfoliation dome

Granite Boulder at Enchanted Rock

Exfoliation Dome
cactus bloom
exfoliation dome