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wildseed farms, fredericksburg texas

Rows of crops

Wildseed farms is a great stop on the way from Austin to Fredericksburg, Texas. The farm produces a great variety of wildflower seed for consumer sale. In addition to wildflower and plant production, the farm allows admission to roam around part of the 80 acres of wildflowers and plants that are established every year.

Wildseed farms is located 7 miles east of Fredericksburg on highway 290, which connects to Austin.

Wildseed farms has a large gift shop featuring many types of wildflower seeds divided into the regions they are suited for.

Visit the Wildseed Farms website for more information.

The Farm is defiantly worth a visit. Entrance to the "Meadows" of Wildseed Farms is a fun time to get to see different types of wildflowers in bloom. The park is arranged with walking paths leading to the different sections of flowers and plants. Parts of the fields of flowers are available to enter to take pictures.
Texas Wildflowers

red and yellow flowers

White butterfly at Wildseed Farms
Entrance to the Farm also allows you to see the Butterfly Haus, which is apparently German for Butterfly House. This screened enclosure houses many types of butterflies - it is a good opportunity to take pictures of butterflies - much easier when they are confined.
Wildseed Farms