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cadillac ranch, amarillo texas

pink cadillac

No trip to Amarillo Texas is complete without visiting Cadillac Ranch. One way of describing Cadillac Ranch is as a constantly changing sculpture created in 1974 by a consortium of artist known as the Ant Farm. A A simpler way of describing Cadillac Ranch is 10 Classic Cadillacs buried nose first in Panhandle dirt.

The best known of the artist in Ant Farm was Chip Lord, Doug Michels, and Curtis Schrier, although others had been involved in Ant Farm from time to time. Stanley Marsh 3, a local millionare, became involved with Ant Farm for the Cadillac Ranch project.

Cadillac Ranch is probably the worlds most well known public art piece. The 10 cadillacs are located on private land (owned by Marsh) but the public is always welcome to wander onto the field to see the piece up close. The cars are constantly changing due to the involvemet of so many visiting artist wielding paint cans and markers. Some of the creativity shown in the grafiti is quite remarkable.

amarillo horizon at cadillac ranch

Cadillac ranch is located on Interstate 40 (formerly Route 66) west of Amarillo , Texas between exits 60 and 62. The site is on the south (eastbound) site of the interstate. The gate is always open - don't forget your spray can.

leaf springs with graffiti

Cadillac Ranch has been featured in many movies and commercials. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song entitled "Cadillac Ranch" on his 1980 album "The River" and Springsteen was filmed on the Cadillac Ranch location for a video shoot. Recently, many references to Cadillac Ranch can be seen in the animated Pixar movie "Cars". In the movie, a set of mountains in the distance looks just like Cadillac Ranch and is referred to as "Cadillac Range".

metallic graffiti at cadillac ranch
bottom of cadillac
wheel graffiti at cadillac ranch
picture of cadillacs at amarillo texas
detail at cadillac ranch
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cadillac ranch in Amarillo Texas
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