Nathan Griffin Photographs


Lightner Museum Courtyard in Florida

The pictures shown here are from our recent summer vacation to Florida. Most of our time was in Tampa with family and friends. We did take a short trip to the east coast for a few days to see St. Augustine and spend some time on the beaches over there.

All of the images were taken with my new Canon 40D. It is much different when compared to shooting film through my old Nikon FE2! I took almost 800 pictures in a 7 day time frame. There is no way I would ever have taken that many pictures if shooting with film. Most were not very good, but it is nice to fire away and not worry about processing and scanning slides. Shown here are a few that made me happy.

The photo at left was taken in the city of St. Augustine in the courtyard of the Lightner Museum. A larger view of each photo in this gallery along with descriptions is available by clicking on the images.

Storm in Tampa Bay

Shop window in St. Augustine

Florida Aquarium
Florida Aquarium Night Picture of Lightner Museum with American Flag florida
Sunrise in Florida Shop Trinkets in St. Augustine florida
florida florida Fort at St. Augustine