Nathan Griffin Photographs


macro gallery

My recent equipment addition is a wonderful Nikon 105mm macro lens, opening up a wonderful world of close-up photography. Many of my subjects turn out to be flowers, but I hope to add insects and other interesting objects to the gallery in the future.

The webpage at on macro photography is very informative - a great place to learn more about close-up photography.

By the way, macro photography is one of the few disciplines where an older, manual focus lens is not that big of a disadvantage, so snatch up a good used copy of a lens and don't be afraid to try something new.


pear tree in bloom

pear blossoms
statue and flower picture orange flower picture backlit flower picture
squash flower dragonfly macro picture rose image
4 oclock bloom macro picture taken with reversing ring 4 oclock flower
butterfly at lady bird johnson wildflower center