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st. peter greathouse - st. thomas, vi

Saint Peter's Greathouse in the Virgin Islands

St. Peter's Greathouse is a must see when visiting the island of St. Thomas. St. Thomas was the second port we visited on our Caribbean cruise.

Pictures of St. Peter's Greathouse in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands

The main building is seen on a lower level, with two other buildings offering dining facilities for parties.

Again, the gardens and plants / fountains within them are teriffic.

Flower Macro Detail Picture at Saint Thomas

The other great attraction to the St. Peter Greathouse is the magnificant view. Many other surring Virgin Islands are seen from this highest point on the island. Megan's bay, rated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world.

Picture of Megans Bay

An old 50's chevy truck was on the property. I'm not sure if it was decoration only or if it was someone's daily driver, but it was a beautiful truck. Click on the pictures to see a larger view of the gallery.


Garden at Saint Peter's Greathouse
yellow classic truck
picture of a classic yellow chevy truck


Goldfish Pond at St Thomas Virgin Islands