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This is not a detailed Nikon Coolpix 3200 Review - many other resources on the web offer this). My purpose is to give a quick assessment of the Coolpix 3200 and how digicams are beneficial and detrimental.

The Nikon Coolpix 3200 has been a great digicam. While I did not think it would be a great tool for photography as I am used to my Nikon FE2, I found that everyone needs a small and simple camera to use for everyday pictures. The Coolpix 3200 is an entry level camera and is limited in pixels captured; however, I have found the quality to be more than adequate for casual use.

The reasons that I come up with for using the CoolPix over my FE2 boil down to a simple debate over film vs. digital. It is wonderful being able to get home and have the pictures immediately ready on my computer as opposed to having to wait to process film and scan. Even on days where I take the FE2 out I usually also carry the Coolpix 3200 and use it in tandem.

Another reason to grab the digicam is for size, weight, and ease of use. There is not much to think about as far as operation - it is mostly point and shoot for most situations. Being light and small means that I actually use it to capture images in some situations where I would hesitate to get out the SLR; it tends to attract too much attention at times.

My main complaint with the Nikon Coolpix 3200 is with the speed of operation. Depending on what mode you are shooting in, there can be some very long and frustrating delays between pressing the shutter and actually taking the picture. Also, the camera takes a long time to clear the memory buffer before it allows another image. This is not always the case, but when shooting at the highest resolution you do sometimes run into this problem. Capturing action shots is almost out of the question because of the slow operation. In fact, simply getting a good portrait shot can be challenging if you are trying to catch a fleeting expression. More often than not, you will miss it with this camera.

These shortcomings aside, it has been a blast to use and has opened my eyes to the quality possible with digital. The resolution of the sensor in this camera is much lower than the offerings of SLR digitals cameras, yet I would almost compare quality to my scanned slides in some situations. I am afraid that with resolution and color rendition getting better and better in digital, it could very well be the end for film users. I will continue to stick with film until I am able to pay for a digital SLR. The good news is that waiting will only bring better cameras for lower cost!

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