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fuji provia 100f slide film review San Antonio Hotel

Fuji Provia 100F was the first type of slide film that I used. I have shot many rolls of it and have been happy with the results. It is a great film somewhere between the drab results obtained with Astia and the over the top colors obtained with Fuji Velvia 50. The film is definitely closer to Velvia in it's behavior, but with more accurate rendering of red tones that makes Fuji Provia 100F suitable for pictures of people.

One supposed weakness to Provia is that it has a slight blue tint to it. This is sometimes visible in that white objects are never exactly white but have a slight blue shift. I had to read this comment from others before I ever noticed it. I would not say that this shift is a disadvantage but simply a characteristic to be noted when you are shooting.

For someone beginning to shoot slide film, I would definately recommend Fuji Provia. You can use it to photograph just about anything (including people) and the results are very colorful and beautiful.

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