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fuji velvia 100f slide film review

Pear Blossoms

My discussion of films is generally in an order from least color saturated to most color saturated. Fuji Velvia 100F is a film that was introduced as an "improvement" over the standard Fuji Velvia 50 featuring 1 stop faster ASA rating and fine grain. They tell us that the grain is fine, but I will never be able to tell the difference in grain size between any Fuji film rated at 100 ASA or slower.

The big difference between Fuji Velvia 100F and 50 is that 100F has slightly toned down color, especially in the red region. You can use it to photograph skin, but the results do come out looking redder than what the eye sees.

Compared to Provia, Velvia 100F has brighter colors and is warmer - that is to say it is the opposite of Provia's blue color shift.

I would consider Velvia 100F to be a great overall film and would choose it over Velvia 50 if I know I may need to take pictures with people in them. The brighter colors and warmer feel makes it a better choice for general photography for myself compared to Provia.

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