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slide film overview

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The processing for slide film is different than print film in that the negative is the final product. The image that I create in the camera is directly reflected in the final transparency. The result is both empowering and humbling. It is empowering to have complete control over the exposure that you obtain without someone else at the lab (or a computer) overcompensate the exposure of the image. The results are humbling in that any errors in your judgment of the exposure required to capture the image is immediately apparent and, for the most part, permanent. It is possible in this digital age to save some transparencies that are slightly over or under exposed, but a great image will almost always start with a properly exposed image.

I have tried a few types of slide film and will describe my feelings on each of them below. Generally Fuji makes great slide film. I hope that you will make sure and go out and try different types of film for yourself as preferences vary greatly from photographer to photographer.

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