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the camera lens

Of all the ways to spend money on camera gear - a good lens is the best place to start. Nothing can be more of a hindrance to getting good shots than having a low quality lens. Digital imaging is quickly changing the rules for much of photography but the basics remain: you have to have a good lens to focus the light accurately with as little distortion as possible. Digital cameras are also allowing us to shoot at higher and higher ISO values with little noise; however, it is always advantageous to have as fast a lens as possible (large maximum aperture) to ensure you can capture low light images when the time comes. Also remember that a lens is a much more important investment of your money; digital SLR bodies are essentially disposable being obsolete in 2 to 3 years. A good lens, on the other hand, will hopefully be used for a longer time period.

My best current lens is my Canon 17-55 f2.8, which I review here.

I have had a number of Nikon lenses for use on a Nikon FE2 - you can read more about them at my Nikon Lens Page.