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Sources on the web have been a great pool of resources for my technical understanding of Photography. Listed here are some of the best photography links that I have found.

Don't forget to always filter people's advice (including mine) through your own experience. Make sure to spend as much time creating your own images as you do learning from others.

Some photography links are listed both under learning and galleries. The links below will direct you to the pages that I am speaking of.



Ken's advice is very practical and down to earth. No baloney - he gets right to the point and lets you konw what is experiences are. Very informative on digital imaging as well as film based photography.
These guys offer a wealth of knowledge on digital imaging, digital camera reviews, composition, photoshop tips, etc.
Follow the links in this malaysian photography site for a wealth of knowledge on the history of Nikon cameras.
The camera review page on this site has up to date descriptions on almost all Canon lenses and bodies.

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Equipment Retail:

This retailer has reasonable prices and a very large selection of gear. They still have good deals on fuji transparency film if that is what you shoot.
OK, you are responsible for finding the good deals and to not get ripped off. I admit that buying gear from a reputable dealer is much safer than getting used equipment on Ebay. Having said this, I have bought most of my gear, including all of my manual Nikon lenses, on Ebay. They have all worked great. In my experience, it can be a great resource for finding good deals on used equipment.
I have not used Adorama yet, but I have heard that they are good. Their printing services are very inexpensive.
It is worth looking at Amazon if you are in the market for new gear. I got a great deal from Amazon on my Canon 40D and 17-55 f2.8 lens. Amazon usually has competitive pricing and is good of informing the customer of the latest rebates that are being offered by camera manufacturers. They have a very good return policy as well which is worth alot when buying expensive camera gear.
Great resource for wonderful prints.

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If you get an opportunity to see his work in person, I highly recommend it. His prints will take your breath away.
Stunning! Most of his best pictures were captured with 35mm film. People shun film today because of the lack of resolution, but it didn't seem to hurt his work! When I start to lust over the latest digital gear I think of what Galen Rowell did with using the same format that I use and realize . . The camera is not what needs improving! This is one of the best landscape photography links that you can follow.
Works for Mountain Light - very beautiful images.
Ken uses mostly large format film for his pictures, and he is very proud of that. His work involves very stunning colors.

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