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minolta dimagescan software compatibility

Virgin Islands

I recently updated my computer operating system to Windows Vista. After I finally got everything back and running again, I got around to scanning my last batch of slides with my Minolta Dimage 5400 scanner. The software that I have used for this scanner is the latest download from Minolta that I could find, version 1.1.5. No matter how many times I installed and reinstalled the software, the computer would never recognize the scanner. Minolta seems to have pulled any service offerings for this scanner. I tried to go back to version 1.1.2, which came with the scanner, but the results were the same.

The solution for me, because of my disdain for Vista, was to scrap that install and go back to Windows XP. Sure enough, everything started working great with the old operating system.

I know that this is not practical for many people stuck using Windows Vista on a new computer. If I had to stick with Vista, I would try another aftermarket software package. There are two that I know of:

  • Silverfast - There are many innovations in this scanning software, including a variant of HDR that makes a multi-pass scan of your image and combines the images to get as much dynamic range as possible.
  • Vuescan - This package is less expensive than Silverfast.

Aside from finding a solution that will work with Vista, both Vuescan and Silverfast will offer better scans and conversion of color negative film, which is a shortcoming of the DimageScan software.